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Can you buy the recycled PET flake from us
(buyer of PET recycling machine)?

KWELL can't import PET flakes as China ban waste plastics import since 2018. But we have a recycling factory in Taiwan which can buy and want to buy. The initial purpose to make the plant is to provide the good machinery for our flake supplier to improve the quality of PET bottle flakes for our pelletizing plant use.

What is the price of the PET bottle bale in China?
As China ban PET bale importing now, so the material is limited, thus the price is higher than other countries which can import.

Can you import PET bottle flakes?
In the past, Chinese factories imported very large capacity of PET bottle fakes from Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, India, Peru, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Mexico etc. These factories have their own import license for importing waste plastic material directly. Otherwise, the exporter needs AQSIQ certificate to export waste plastic to China.
Now, as the import ban of waste plastic, all factories in China can't import PET flakes which is washed or unwashed.

How is the PET bottle washing line working?
What we do in the washing process is to remove the impurities which are mixed in the bottles and outside the bottles.(mud, sand, PE/PP cap, label, glue...etc) We know the character of different impurities, so we create different machine with different function for separating specified impurity. Every washing line we sold was designed according to Buyer’s requirement and local features of waste PET bottle material.

How does the PET bottle pre-washing machine wash the bottles?
The bottle washing machine washes the whole PET bottles with hot water and chemical. The special designed structure makes the bottles moving in the designated orbit to get a duration in the bottles and the friction on the surface of the bottles will remove the mud, sand, some oil, some glue outside the bottles. The paper label and PP label can be removed in the machine also by friction power and hot chemical solution. The most important issue is to heat the PVC bottles, make it whitening and easy to be distinguished from PET bottle for easier manual sorting

What do the labors do in the sorting table?
Colored bottles (bottles with color that you don`t want), Non-PET bottles, metals and other comtaminations.

Why do you crush the PET bottles with water (wet crusher working with water spraying)?
The water can cool down the rotor. What is more, there is a strong friction power on the surface of the flakes; the water can clean the flakes when it is being crushed. This is the first stage of flake washing.

Why do you put two sets of crushers in the line?
The blades of crusher need to be grinded after a period of crushing. For 24 hours non-stop running of whole line, one crusher is installed for crushing and another is for standby. But if the client has budget concern, one crusher is also available for normal operation. The only disadvantage is that the client needs to exchange the blades every 40 tons of production. And the line should be shut down during blade exchanging.

How long(how often) does it take to change/sharpen the blades of crusher?
The edge of blade is high speed steel welded. It will get blunt after long time crushing working. Based on our experience, for keeping stable production capacity and crushing edge of flake, we suggest to sharpen the blades every 50-80 tons production.  It normally takes two to three hours to change the whole set of blades.

How do you remove the labels and caps from bottle?
There mainly three kinds of label; paper, BOPP and PVC. Paper and BOPP labels will be removed by bottle prewashing. Due to PVC label is hear shrinkage, we use label removing remover scrapping machine to break it and remove it by label air  blower blowing machine. As for caps, most of them were made of PP/PE. After crushing, we feed all materials into floating separator. Due to the densities of PET(1.3) and PP/PE(0.9) are different, the caps will float on the floating separator and PET flake will sink onto the bottle of the machine.

How do you remove metals from PET bottle?
A metal detector will be installed with sorting conveyer. If there is any metal moved through the detector, the sorting conveyer will stopped and the labor can pick it out from the conveyer.
The rotating trommel and pre-washing machine can also remove metal outside the PET bottle too.

How long do the crushed PET flake stay in the hot washing machine?
It is suggested 25-40mins.

What is the final moisture content of recycled PET flake?

How to check the quality of the recycled PET flake?
We have our own procedure to check the quality of PET bottle flake. And there is a standard grade table which shows the limitation of each parameter such as PVC content, metal content, luster, etc. Every parameter was defined by downstream industry requirement for PET bottle flakes. 

What is the end use application of the recycled PET bottle flake?
The flakes are normally used to make PSF(polyester staple fiber), POY(pre o riented yarn), PET strapping packing belt band, PET sheet, PET containers, PET preform...etc. Different downstream products have different requirement of the quality.

What is the end use of the polyester staple fiber (PSF)?
Since there are many specification of PSF, normally we can say that there are three main direction of PSF application; Non-woven, filling and spinning.

What is the process of making PSF (polyester staple fiber)?
Drying the flakes to less than 80 ppm(parts per million), then feed to the extruder, the filter will remove the contamination in the flakes, then go though the metering pump and spinning beam, there is a device to cool the fiber, after quenching, the applicant is oiled for the fiber, the fiber can is used to collect the fiber. Use a creel stand the collect the tow again, there are three drawing machine to get the fiber at the right finess, then make the fiber crimped, the fiber will cool down after the crimper and then cut. Then the fiber will be sent to the baler for packing.

How do we (buyer) install the PET recycling line? Will KWELL send technicians here for help?
Normally, we send our engineer(s) to supervise the installation and commissioning. The buyer need to prepare the operation staff to implement it. KWELL is able to send mechanical engineer, electrical engineer. You need bear the cost of food, hotel, round way air tickets and daily working allowance for each technician.

Do you make all of the machines in the recycling line?
We make all of the machines in the recycling line except optical sorter, non-PET material sorter.

Does the PET recycling line have PLC control system?
Yes, the line is controlled by PLC. The whole washing line will be controlled by PLC. It includes the control of all motors, all gear reducers and every sensors for temperature and pressure. Therefore, if necessary, we can also provide client the remote supervision system of washing line for management staff.

Do you use CS(carbon steel) or SS(stainless steel) to make the machinery?
All parts contact with water in the machines are made of stainless steel 304.

What is the delivery time for the PET recycling line?
Usually it needs 45-60working days

What is the payment term for purchasing the machine?
30% paid by TT as down payment, 70% paid by TT as balance before shipping after inspection satisfaction.
100% irrevocable L/C at sight is also ok (only accepted for those countries that can`t pay by TT)