PVC fiber reinforced hose extrusion line

lawn irrigation watering system equipment machine manufacturer

Item No.: PVC fiber hose-03
PVC fiber reinforced hose is also named as PVC net hose, snake hose, PVC fiber braided hose, garden hose, which is suitable for conveying pressure or corrosive gas, liquid transporting.
It is widely used in machinery, coal, petroleum, chemical industry.
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Lawn irrigation watering system equipment machine manufacturer

This line is designed to produce PVC fiber reinforced hose, the wall of which is three layers, outer and inner layer are soft PVC hose, middle layer is Terylene fiber network, which has good chemical and physical property.

It is mainly used for the transportation of high pressure or corrosive gas, and is widely used in the machinery; coal mine, oil, chemical, agriculture irrigation, gas and building.

Raw Material & Final Products
Raw material: PVC resin+ other ingredients
Final Products: PVC hose 
Diameter: 6-50mm

Technical Parameters:
Model SJ45 SJ55 SJ65 SJ75
Extruder SJ45/30 SJ55/30 SJ65/28 SJ75/30
Diameter range(mm) Φ6-Φ16 Φ8-Φ25 Φ12-Φ50 Φ20-Φ50
Output(kg/h) 20-40 30-60 40-80 60-110
Installed power(kw) 35 42 50 65

Machine pictures as reference:

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